Thief Gold FM: Assassination, The


Just as you begin to think that The Assassination can’t possibly hold any surprises, given the level’s unoriginal title, Jan ‘Vitus’ Vitek introduces the name Slabodyr Moloszevic, our target for this evening. Cooped up in a tower-like structure within a castle-like structure, like a coddled Disney princess, Slabodyr is said to be a nasty Hammerite High Priest and a thorn in your old pal Cutty’s behind. His security forces went … Read More

Dishonored: M5-Lady Boyle’s Last Party

Lady Boyle 1

The title Lady Boyle’s Last Party isn’t entirely accurate if you pursue the non-lethal method of her disposal; she may very well throw other parties in the future. And if she can do that, what would stop her from funding another tyrant? Or killing Lord Brisby, her so-called admirer and savior, in order to escape his captivity? The truth is, we really don’t know what kind of person this Lady Boyle is or what her intentions are, besides the trivial facts shared about her family through brief … Read More

Thief Gold FM: Living City, The


The Living City by Ivar Holand brings to mind the following quote from the 2001 Zoolander movie: “What is this? A center for ants? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read… if they can’t even fit inside the building?”. This hilarious scene not only represents this mission’s greatest flaw, but also depicts the frustration most are likely to feel when attempting to squeeze through its many areas … Read More

UT3 User Map: DM-Valon

DM-Valon 1

If, like me, you find yourself wondering whether or not Unreal Tournament 3 is still worth playing, despite the announced development of a new game in the series, DM-Valon will swiftly dispel all doubt. Built by none other than Steve ‘Stevelois’ Loiselle, the talent behind the wonderfully chaotic CTF-Mako, DM-Valon is described as a “communication relay station, between the city and the orbital station Cubicon … Read More

The Witcher Adventure: Yennefer’s Valentine

Yennefer's Valentine 1

Yennefer’s Valentine by Corylea is another adventure, akin to What a Man Needs, that brings to the forefront the affairs of the heart. It’s a Valentine’s Day gift exchange, and Geralt appears to have misunderstood the concept. Arriving empty handed and, as it turns out, empty headed, The Witcher seeks the advice of his two friends, Dandelion and Zoltan, to swiftly correct his mistake and present his one true love … Read More

The Dark Mod FM: Crown of Penitence, The

The Crown of Penitence 1

The Crown of Penitence by Jesps invites players into the mansion of Lord Rowlett, a rather conceited individual whose sole concern is his family’s financial state. Seeing much of the household’s wealth disappear over time, due to the family’s shady behavior throughout the years, Rowlett is left desperate to restore what is lost. He catches his first break with the help of a distant relative, inheriting a prized crown … Read More

Unreal Tournament Revival – Part 1


Unreal Tournament is better than Quake. That’s right; I said it and believe it wholeheartedly. Given Epic Games’ recent announcement, I think it’s time to throw some fuel in the old rivalry fire. However, in the words of Fran Walsh, “where once was light, now darkness falls”. In this first part of my thoughts on the Unreal Tournament revival, I’ll introduce some of the finer points of Epic’s reveal, as well as share some of my personal concerns regarding the direction in which things … Read More

Dishonored: M4-The Royal Physician

The Royal Physician 1

I can only imagine how quickly the task of kidnapping Anton Sokolov can be accomplished when relying on the Blink ability. Oh well, looks like we’re using the stairs. Dishonored’s fourth campaign mission, entitled The Royal Physician, is all about gaining altitude, and since magic isn’t an option for our particular playthrough, it’s time to polish those hiking boots. According to recent intelligence, Anton is securely tucked away in his safe house while Corvo … Read More