The Witcher Adventure: Graveyard Party

Graveyard party 1

Map Author: REDFlame Interactive | Original Release: N/A All I could think of during my time spent in REDFlame Interactive’s Graveyard Party was the soon-to-be-released Witcher Adventure Game. If both have anything in common, it’s offering players the ability to role play as someone other than Geralt, though with two distinct fantasies in mind. While the upcoming board game attempts to stimulate … Read More

Thief Gold FM: Docks, The

Docks, The

Map Author: James ‘Gonchong’ Roberts | Original Release: 1999/08/20 | Ghost: ✗ Perfect Ghost: ✗ The sea, the docks, The Cerulean, each alludes to a wild adventure ahead, but one can’t shake the sense of foreboding. Depriving a freelancing smuggler of a golden bone from a distant land sounds like an excellent opportunity to make a little extra on the side, but … Read More

Thief Gold FM: Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests

Map Author: Shock Troop | Original Release: 1999/08/11 | Ghost: ✗ Perfect Ghost: ✗ Garrett seriously needs to stop stealing trinkets, and instead burglarise an IKEA as soon as possible. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that the master thief’s hideout, as illustrated in Shock Troop’s Uninvited Guests, is suddenly overrun with guards. Looking part dungeon and part lavish hotel, this … Read More