The Witcher Adventure: John’s Diary

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John’s Diary can be described as a rapid descent into madness, the kind that is generally brought on by a powerful hallucinogenic drug. It tells the story of John of the Bogs, a drowned dead with a fondness for Heavy metal music who seeks revenge against witchers for reasons he himself is yet to understand. John isn’t a particularly intelligent being, but he’s cocky and vulgar, a sufficient blend in his section of the world. Many unpleasant creatures roam the swamps in question … Read More

Thief Gold FM: Dark Walker


Another night, another nobleman in danger of losing all of his prized possessions. In the case of Dark Walker, a brief fan mission by Jeremy Justus, that nobleman is Lord Mason. Not much is known about the aristocrat and the author expends no effort on writing about the man, but Lord Mason did at some point make the mistake of acquiring the well known … Read More

Fan Expo 2014


It started with a hearty meal at one of my favorite restaurants, Marathon Souvlaki, followed by a five-hour drive at speeds I shouldn’t mention. Arriving as planned late Friday night and accompanied by the same group of friends as during my previous visit, I was once again giddy with anticipation of the days to come. With a comfortable outfit at the ready and … Read More