Wolfenstein: The New Order

Jan 24, 2015 | Reviews, Video Games | 2

If men age like wine, Capt. William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz is the Romanée-Conti of male video game protagonists. Reporting for duty numerous times throughout the Wolfenstein series since 1992, the character has matured and not only in look. The handsome veteran is prudent, passionate and thoughtful, but also tired, nostalgic … Read More

Like a Bawx!

May 17, 2013 | Thoughts | 0

We all collect something, be it bottle caps or dust throughout the apartment. My collection consists of game boxes, particularly collector’s editions of games I hold in very high regard. It’s rare that I enjoy a game enough to support its development team by actually purchasing a copy, let alone … Read More

Bioshock Infinite

Apr 19, 2013 | Reviews, Video Games | 0

Leaving behind the depths of Rapture, the underwater metropolis of Bioshock 1 and 2, Bioshock Infinite elevates players to Columbia, a floating utopia in the sky, or so it seems. No relationship is established outright between the games, but Booker DeWitt’s ascent to Columbia is eerily reminiscent of Bioshock’s opening … Read More

Dishonored M2 – High Overseer Campbell

Mar 17, 2013 | Reviews, Video Games | 0

After the underwhelming initial jaunt through Coldridge prison, the developers let loose their perception of free roaming and craft an assassination worthy of Corvo’s talents. Fueled by vengeance, the once Lord Protector must now tackle a new challenge: his own curiosity. From the dimly lit Kennels to the rooftops of … Read More

Thief Gold: Library, The

Mar 16, 2013 | Reviews, User Content | 0

A briefing is an important element in the overall presentation of a fan mission. More than an enumeration of objectives, a proper briefing creates context for the player and helps generate an enticing atmosphere, regardless of the often simple in-game tasks. Nowadays, many experienced fan mission authors incorporate these introductions … Read More

UT3: DM-Spacelt

Mar 15, 2013 | Reviews, User Content | 0

DM-Spacelt, another floating arena of death akin to the recently featured DM-Refresh, is described by its author Oliver ‘Raz’ G as an asteroid mining facility located “somewhere in the universe”. In my experience, these types of maps can either impress with well laid out platforms and exhilarating air play, or … Read More

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