Thief Gold FM: Shadow of Lord Rothchest, The


Today’s victim of deception goes by the name Kevil Rothchest, a wealthy foreigner with an admiration for old weapons. Garrett, more desperate than usual apparently, is out to dupe the poor man by stealing the very sword he sold to Lord Rothchest some weeks prior. The blade is a familiar one, previously belonging to Constantine of The Dark Project fame, but the mystery surrounding the strange nobleman is growing by the minute. Servants going missing, strange chants rising from … Read More

Thief Gold FM: Dark Walker


Another night, another nobleman in danger of losing all of his prized possessions. In the case of Dark Walker, a brief fan mission by Jeremy Justus, that nobleman is Lord Mason. Not much is known about the aristocrat and the author expends no effort on writing about the man, but Lord Mason did at some point make the mistake of acquiring the well known Horn of Quintus, and that alone is enough for a master thief to pay him a visit. The antique is hidden from prying eyes, as is often the case … Read More

Fan Expo 2014


It started with a hearty meal at one of my favorite restaurants, Marathon Souvlaki, followed by a five-hour drive at speeds I shouldn’t mention. Arriving as planned late Friday night and accompanied by the same group of friends as during my previous visit, I was once again giddy with anticipation of the days to come. With a comfortable outfit at the ready and a large wad of cash set aside, I closed my eyes, dreaming of the loot I would soon be hauling back to the already cramped apartment … Read More

Thief: Stealing the Name, Not the Game


What is there to say about Eidos Montreal’s Thief that hasn’t already been said countless times by long-time fans of the rebooted series, and trusted reviewers the likes of Sneaky Bastards and The Scientific Gamer? By now, most are aware of the game’s troublesome development, beginning back in 2008, and of the game’s general shortcomings when compared to the masterful Thief trilogy that preceded it. Contextual movement takes control away from the player, reading scattered … Read More

Dishonored: M6-Return to the Tower


“If I explain, then you will see, I am not at fault.” So begins Lord Regent’s confession, conveniently recorded and stashed in his chambers rather than stuffed in the belly of a hagfish swimming somewhere in his moat. A rather costly oversight, concealing the evidence to your own crimes in the one place your opponent will surely visit, though not entirely surprising given how nonsensical the plan of Hiram Burrows was from the beginning. His idea to recapture diseased rats to prevent the spread of the plague … Read More

The Witcher Adventure: Wraiths of Quiet Hamlet


Wraiths of Quiet Hamlet by Dan123 is a story-driven adventure, set once again in the small Murky Waters town of the original Witcher campaign. Entitled Quiet Hamlet this time around, the location is used to great effect, simultaneously fulfilling the role of a social den for Geralt and a place of mystery and danger for the player. Wraiths are scaring the villagers at night, and no one seems to know why. Theories are floating around, however, and it’s up to White Wolf to solve the crisis, along with a handful … Read More

The Dark Mod FM: Thieves, The


Thieves, by Silencium, RailGun, and Fidcal, tells a story of a thief who abandoned his fellow thieves to become an independent thief, who then amassed a new group of thieves to join him in stirring trouble for his old group of thieves, and who must now suffer the consequences for his transgressions at the hands of another thief, an associate of his former thief’s guild. It’s no wonder that the few remaining men of the City Watch don’t carry so much as a key around their waists in this neighborhood … Read More

Thief Gold FM: Assassination, The


Just as you begin to think that The Assassination can’t possibly hold any surprises, given the level’s unoriginal title, Jan ‘Vitus’ Vitek introduces the name Slabodyr Moloszevic, our target for this evening. Cooped up in a tower-like structure within a castle-like structure, like a coddled Disney princess, Slabodyr is said to be a nasty Hammerite High Priest and a thorn in your old pal Cutty’s behind. His security forces went the extra mile and locked the front gate, but as any good thief knows, there are other … Read More

Dishonored: M5-Lady Boyle’s Last Party


The title Lady Boyle’s Last Party isn’t entirely accurate if you pursue the non-lethal method of her disposal; she may very well throw other parties in the future. And if she can do that, what would stop her from funding another tyrant? Or killing Lord Brisby, her so-called admirer and savior, in order to escape his captivity? The truth is, we really don’t know what kind of person this Lady Boyle is or what her intentions are, besides the trivial facts shared about her family through brief in-game texts … Read More